Ready to start traveling after COVID-19 is over?

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To Travel or Not to Travel, that is the question! It has been months since we have stepped out of our quarantine caves and adapted to this new Pandemic World. If you are like many who stayed home, Netflix and chilled while ordering your favorite Sushi, it’s nice to think of how much you saved during your quarantine time.


If you were the Martha Stuart type who learned how to bake that sweet home bread and cook those 4 course meals, you may be a slight more ahead of the game on saving monthly costs from avoiding additional spending on takeout food.


We have gradually as an economy learned to re-examine and appreciate the obvious little things in life without the Instagram flick spending costs.  There is one thing that is still a must for all as a human beings. What’s that you ask?  Our instinctive desire to keep in touch with Nature and the World.


Why is traveling so important? For one, it helps us stay humble and appreciate our life. Traveling encourages ideas and discovery, required for brain and Spiritual stimulation. Studies have shown a massive increase in depression since the covid-19 lockdowns and isolation. It is simply not humane to isolate from life.


So, why is it okay to Travel? One thing is for certain, we have a lot more knowledge and science of COVID-19 and ways to protect yourself during travel to avoid risks.


Can I afford to Travel? Yes!! Since the travel industry has taken a major flop, there are plenty of discounts and companies in line for your service! They want you to book with them, so now’s the time to get picky. As of early October, 2020 International flights from the United States are 35% cheaper than last year.


Now is the time to fly! Be sure to start planning now before the next flight increase. Popular travel destinations will be first to increase leaving the more non desired areas to follow.


So how do I save for Travel during a Recession? Learn to prepare more self cooked meals and buying less take out. I myself am definitely guilty of this! If I didn’t pay for that Chinese or Indian food more than I’d like to save I would have saved literally hundreds of dollars for our family of 3. Just thinking of this makes me want to buy raw rice and beans and attempt to be Dave Ramsey as I boil my next masterpiece.


What if I don’t have the time to cook a homemade meal? Problem solved thanks to the generic brand of foods to save up to $1 or even .60 an item. This all adds up! When I first started grabbing generic items I wanted to put a scarf over my head and hide. I have always been one of those “my body is my temple” people.


Not all generic is bad. Take the weekend to search on generic foods within your region and see what types of ingredients are within. This will make you second guess your over-spending. Remember, the payoff will be great in the end! Saving is not for the weak and takes much discipline.


And the much needed of all that can charge us up an additional $200 a month. Caffeine!! Now, if you’re over 25 and have a job that requires you to be a Zombie with a pulse while reaching deadlines with a 48 hours notice, keep Reading. Caffeine is a must! Caffeine comes in many forms. One of those is Green Tea. Its way cheaper, smoother and saves the costs of adding that milk or creamer. Save hundreds by trying tea instead.


Not enough caffeine for you? I suggest trying caffeine pills. You can find these bad boys at Walmart for under $5 included with enough pills for 2 months. Yes, these are a miracle and something I take myself! One a day keeps the blahhh away. It also helps avoid that awful, whoops I drank too much coffee and need to hydrate before a slap a co-worker feel. Try it and save!!


And last but not least, we are what we wear. Who doesn’t like a fashionable and presenting person? I know I do. But there is a difference on wants and needs. Know when you absolutely need that work suit or those cute heels. If it’s on sale and you know it’s a deal, go for it but don’t abuse your buying power! Limit yourself to a set price and say “this is my cap allowance”.


And for the finale piece of advice:  Create a spreadsheet of expenses. I suggest including your salary with what you spent over the last few months to allow yourself to truly see your spending habits. Once you are able to delegate your money, you should be on track to adding more money to your Savings for Travel!


Just think of those Amazing photos you will have captured in the coming months!

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